Strategy & Insight

Strategy: it’s such a puzzle…

We all know how it feels when we’re not clear why we’re doing what we’re doing. It’s uncomfortable and confusing. And that’s because it’s really hard to make decisions when you have no way of deciding which one is right. That’s where strategy comes in.

At its most straightforward, that’s all strategy is – a robust tool to help you make good decisions about your work each day.

We apply a consistent strategic planning process across our client base. Every strategy we design for our clients is based on robust insight and applied thinking that can be turned into a marketing plan, not conceptual ideas that you’ll struggle to make real.

We’ll set out, in simple terms, the necessary steps to help you succeed and to make good decisions along the way.

How do we develop a client strategy?

Analysis: Examine and interpret the insight we have collated, be it qualitative, quantitative or a combination of both.

Formulation: Based on the insight, develop the right strategy to meet your objectives.

Planning: Develop a roll-out plan for each channel, demonstrating how it supports the strategy, alongside specific channel KPIs.

Propositions: Develop customer-centric propositions for creative work that give you interesting and unique territories to explore.

Measurement: Set KPIs for the overall strategy and discrete campaigns in order to evaluate progress against your objectives.

Roll-out: Work with our client partners and discipline experts to make sure the work is aligned to the strategy and meets your organisational goals.

The Strategy & Insight team has a wealth of experience in turning complex problems into simple solutions. We are experienced curators of quantitative data and qualitative observations, and we take them from a carefully selected set of proprietary and third-party sources. But we also believe in the importance of good old-fashioned intuition in designing an impactful strategy that works for you and for your customers.

Whether you’re working with us on Search, PR, Content or Paid Media activity, or across multiple disciplines, we’ll always take the same insightful approach to give you the best possible chance of being found.