Strategy & Insight

We help ambitious brands plan for growth

Our strategy team use the best data and insights to inform all of our activity. That's why our marketing across all channels delivers such incredible results.

The Process

Curious thinkers. Opportunity spotters. Audience obsessives. That sums up our strategy team perfectly. Their nuggets of genius strengthen the impact of our work across the board.

These planning pioneers add value to your brand, through their insights, integration and multi-channel forecasting. And in their line of work, a single insight can drive performance across organic and paid search

True innovators, they don’t just use AnswerThePublic to carry out their work – they helped create it. They coined the term ‘search listening’ too, then crafted their own self-paced training around it.

But their real strength? Our strategists recognise that there’s a real person with a real need behind every Google search. And that’s where their work begins.


Our Strategy Services


When we combine our insights with your data, amazing happens. Suddenly, your customers come into focus. And seeing them clearly means you’ll understand and reach the right people.

Keyword research

Working side by side with the Tech SEO team, we uncover and capture keyword universe for clients, spanning commercial and editorial search behaviours.

Opportunity analysis

Taking keyword research and making it meaningful by bringing in performance metrics to understand where your biggest opportunities exist and just how big they are.


It's a joined-up world. So get a channel neutral, joined-up strategy that helps you meet your commercial goals.

Market and competitor

By looking at share of search and market trends along with content and creative performance, they'll understand your threats and help identify your best opportunities.

Content strategy

We help brands plan and develop content with real impact. Content that meets the opportunities we see, and lets them speak to the right audiences.

Search Listening

A whole new category of insights, established by us. We've showed some of the world's biggest brands how to do Search Listening - and we can do the same for you.


Start with audience, end with customers. Our holistic view uses brand, market, competitor and commercial insight, not specific marketing channels.

"The more of their people I work with on various projects, the more I realise what a great team Propellernet have. They consistently deliver exceptional results and are a genuine pleasure to work with."

Gareth Jones, Pour Moi

What we bring

Our expert collective

Curiosity keeps our thinking fresh. We're obsessively nosy about what makes people tick.

Audience focus

We never lose sight of the real people behind every Google search. It's this kind of insight that turns customers into fans and fans into customers.

Innovative tools

Data is filled with answers. Our innovative tools will help you uncover them, lighting the spark that unlocks your growth strategy.

Our Toolkit

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