Travel in the Age of Coronavirus – How Will the Sector Recover?

Searches for travel-related terms in Google declined by up to 90% at the start of international lockdowns. As restrictions are eased, and with borders still largely closed, demand for travel is showing small signs of recovery.

Read our latest report on the UK travel sector which uses Search Intelligence to uncover patterns in consumer behaviour on search engines.

Introducing Search Intelligence – a new product and consultancy offering from digital marketing agency Propellernet.

Few companies are harnessing the value of publicly available data from Google to gain a deeper understanding of consumers; how they think, what they want and how they want it? With over 1.7 billion daily search engine users, it is the biggest consumer insight dataset ever gathered. We call the practice of extracting timely and candid insights from this data Search Listening.

Using Search Listening, Propellernet delivers market-leading consumer insights in the form of live data dashboards, analysis and research. This service is called Search Intelligence; a new and unique product and consultancy offering to give you a competitive advantage.

Understand how to tailor your marketing comms and spend to the consumer mood

We use search data to build marketing and commercial plans so that you can tailor your marketing messaging and spend in line with demand.

Whether you are recovering from a sudden loss of demand or experiencing a spike in attention, Search Intelligence will help you navigate the uncertainty using real-time consumer demand tracking.

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