Everyone’s talking about it. But we understand that content often creates complexity for brands. Allow us to make things simple.

To help make things simpler we think about content from an editorial mindset, and ask a few simple but important questions:

Where can you be an expert?

What’s the story you should tell?

Where’s the interesting data or evidence to back it up (from our suite of insight tools, from our client, from publicly available sources)?

How can we present it in a way that’s linkable, shareable and newsworthy?

The right content in the right place is a real accelerator in helping a brand be found. Content is integral to everything we do and it plays a role in every one of our services. As well as being the fuel for organic search success it can add the creative edge to a paid media or PR campaign, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

How do we help our clients perfect their content process?

Strategy: We work closely with our Strategy & Insight team to create a content strategy that’s finely aligned to your audience and their needs, your brand positioning, and the commercial goals of your company.

Content audit and gap analysis: Want to improve on the content you already have? We can work through your site to determine how you can take things to the next level, helping to create a useful and engaging resource that your audience will love.

Content planning: We’ll use our insight, strategy and the content opportunity as a basis for creating carefully considered content plans and editorial calendars, focusing your efforts on the best possible return

Production: Whether we’re creating content ourselves, overseeing commissions or supporting our clients with in-house production, we’ll ensure a smooth, effective and efficient process to put our plans into action.

Integration: Whether you hope to create a handy hub to answer key questions your customers ask, simply need to perfect the basic housekeeping content of your site or want to wow with a hero piece, we work side-by-side with the technical SEO, paid media and PR teams to ensure a co-ordinated and integrated approach, aligned to the customer journey.

Measurement: We can help design a measurement framework that accurately reflects the goals we’ve defined for your content, making it much simpler to report on its success. All of this information gives us the key insights we need to continually improve our clients’ content offering and, with it, their marketing performance.

So, whether you’re working with us on Search, PR, Content or Paid Media activity, or across multiple disciplines, we’ll creatively help make sure you have content that gives you the best chance to be found. Contact us to find out more.