Tech SEO

The team that works like an extension of yours

Your site's SEO performance can make or break your brand. Our tech SEO team help you make the changes that get big results. But we don't just leave you to it.

The Process

Google never stops evolving, so SEO is a moving target. That’s why technical SEO is an always-on activity.

With over a decade of experience, our SEO experts are some of the most senior in the business. They never stop learning. And that helps the remarkable brands we work with stay ahead of the competition.

These expert multi-taskers can help you create an SEO strategy from scratch and make sure that a platform or site migration goes smoothly. But they don’t just do an audit and then leave you to it. They’ll work as an extension of your brand, kicking off the key conversations that help you get from here to there.

We know that SEO is an investment that needs buy-in from stakeholders. So we don’t just make recommendations. We put together business cases bespoke to your brand to help get buy-in from the C-suite.

Our Tech SEO Services

Technical site audits

We'll make sure your technical implementation is as good as it can be and give you the fixes with the biggest impact.

Backlink audits

How good is your authority? Find out how well you compare to the competition, and how you can make the most of the links you have.

Penalty recovery

Been hit with a penalty? It happens - just not on our watch! None of our clients has ever received a penalty, but we'll help you recover if you do.

Site migrations

Smooth transitions start here. We'll make sure your site’s organic traffic and revenue is protected when you're on the move.

Information architecture

Get your site organised in a way that search engines, and people, understand.

Page speed optimisation

Time is money. Faster sites convert better, have more engagement and can rank better in search. We can help you speed up.

Keyword research

Whether you're creating content or forecasting commercial opportunities, getting strategic gives you a competitive advantage.

"Propellernet have a great approach to SEO, marrying technical excellence with creativity, and grounding everything in solid analysis and data. They're a fantastic team to work with and are committed to driving great results for PureGym."

Honor Baldry, PureGym

What we bring

Our experts; your team

We believe achieving incredible success means working together. Our tech SEO experts don't just leave you to it. They work like an extension of your team.

Ongoing learning; amazing results

To capitalise on our past experience, we dedicate time to learning about ongoing and upcoming opportunities. And we'll always share what we've learned with you.

Always testing

Our team has a testing culture. We run SEO tests to better understand how search engines work, so that we're always recommending the right thing.