Dave is more than our head of SEO

A talented Ruby developer, Dave is also building our site speed monitoring tool Blackbird, software that’s changing how we approach our work.

He’s experienced life both agency-side and freelance, in a career in search that’s spanned some 15 years. Working for clients like Apple, the BBC, and Gymshark, his specialism really lies in technical auditing, but he also loves the creativity that goes into SEO PR. He’s most proud of learning to code – and seeing the Propellernet team become heavily data-driven.

Dave loves cooking and coming up with innovative ways to add marmite to meals where it very much doesn’t belong. “I’ve also been spending a lot of time lately making focaccia. And then eating focaccia.” And his most challenging moment? ”I once did a bungee jump off of Auckland Harbour bridge, and it was incredible.”