Digital PR

Data-driven, measureable PR

We deliver measurable, digital and creative PR that answers our client’s challenges. Our award-winning digital PR achieves brand and commercial results for the brands we work with.

We build brands, we harness influence, we deliver great ideas that inspire and motivate. Any PR agency should be able to tell you that, but getting under the skin of ayour audience, truly understanding what they want, why and when is our secret sauce. It feels, to those of us who’ve been in PR for a while, like a new age in relating a brand to the public.

While many agencies talk ‘data’, our search marketing background means that we know how to use it to build PR plans that drive results.

Thanks to search data, we have a ‘real time’ window into the mind of customers, that no research report or focus group can hope to match. People ask Google things that that they’d never tell their closest friends, their doctor or even their partner. We tap into this data to give us insight into what your audience really thinks and wants to know about. We turn this information into media stories strengthened by relevant and recommendable content that motivates your audience to like, share and, last but not least, actually buy.

We are creative with everything from data to concepts and media sell-ins to ensure all of our work is original, thought-provoking and inspiring, so that it impacts your bottom line.

And becasue of our tools like coveragebook and answertheclient, we know the exact commercial impact our work has, as well as coverage volume, links and reach. We know the impact of our work on SEO visibility and what that means for your revenue.

In short, we get it. We know how to create PR ideas that work. Ideas that earn their way to the top of journalists’ to do lists, to the top of search engine results pages, of social feeds and most importantly, to the top of your customer’s mind.