Putting people and the planet first

Going above and beyond net zero

We’re conscious of the impact we have on the planet. But just being conscious isn’t going to change anything. Forget off-setting. We want to help solve some of the environmental challenges we're facing. And that’s why we’re taking radical action.

Our climate targets

We have 3 climate goals that we believe all businesses should contribute to


Cut our future carbon emissions by 50% or more by 2025 and reduce to zero by 2030


Drawdown the emissions we are responsible for over 20 years of running our business (achieved Nov 2022)


Invest in nature restoration at scale focusing on our forests and oceans (including planting 1 million trees by Dec 2023)

Our impact

Read our 2022 Impact Report.

Leading the Race to Zero

We’ve recognised that the IPCC’s target of net zero emissions doesn’t go far enough for a business like ours. Instead of net zero, we have set a more ambitious goal. At Propellernet, will be net positive.

Where we lead, others follow

We don’t want our impact to be limited to just our business. We take part in wider initiatives helping companies take bold climate action beyond net zero targets.