An expertise in tag management means Colin’s always in demand

Colin spent 12 years managing technical SEO strategies for some of the world’s largest brands. But his career took a detour when he became an expert in tag management systems, technical analytics and paid media tagging.

“What started as a slight interest in Google tag manager when it was new, slowly led to me becoming really proficient in its inner workings.” He works full time with helping clients to set up their sites to track exactly what they need.

Colin’s been at Propellernet for nine years, but it’s not just this focus on work that’s changed. “After years of ready meals I learned to love cooking 8 years ago. Now I’m constantly looking for new dishes to make my own.” He’s also a proud parent. “I’m amazed by everything my four-year-old does, while marvelling that I have managed to raise a small child successfully.”