Winners! Campaign’s Top Five Best Places to Work

Winnie Man

March 13, 2018

We’re delighted to be listed in the Top 5 Best Medium Companies to Work in 2018 by Campaign!


To be recognised for all of the ways we Make Life Better for our employees is a wonderful validation of the hard work everyone puts into doing just that! Working in a people-first business means putting people before profit and setting out to create an environment in which people have the time, space and freedom to achieve and thrive. Our values and Stunning Colleague behaviours give us the framework to push ourselves to do award-winning work, but also have fun doing it!


We’re all about helping our people fulfil their dreams. Once someone has passed their probation with us, they have their Dream Consultation with our MD, Nikki who asks them how we can make their dreams come true. Having captured over 300 dreams so far, we are constantly thinking about how to deliver on them. When you understand what people are dreaming of and what’s driving them, it’s wonderful when we can weave them into our business plan or even help their dreams become a business in their own right.


Recent research by Gallup suggested engagement levels are languishing at 30% for UK businesses, with little-to-no improvement seen in the last decade. Since we’ve consistently hit employee engagement levels of high 90’s, someone challenged our MD Nikki to write a book based on our experience of creating a highly engaged workplace. Aptly named after a new category of engagement, created just for us by Then Somehow as part of their Culture Catalyst services, the book is called SUPERENGAGED, and provides oodles of stories and guidance for creating your own Best Place to Work. If you’re interested in hearing more about some of our initiatives, have a read here

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