Managing director

James Sandford

Managing Director


James started out selling TV ad space for ITV back when the internet was a relatively new thing. Then he got into web analytics at a time when New Media businesses were IPO’ing for billions based on terrible data! He worked to help bring standards into web analytics before Google Analytics even existed. Finally, he settled into search and wider digital marketing back in 2006. Since then, he’s been with us here at Propellernet, working across new business, client services and operations over more than 12 years.

His proudest moments in the agency include winning two new clients without a pitch in the space of a week, learning and falling in love with snowboarding and, more recently, winning man of the match at the Summer 2019 rounders match.

His passion for snowboarding may be recent, but he’s been four times in the last two years, making up for lost time. Outside of work, he’s most proud of raising three gorgeous children with his wife, Gisela.

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