Dan Pearson

SEO Consultant

Keyword Research

Dan, who may or may not be prone to hyperbole, describes his career path as: “A classic hero’s journey in the mould of the Legend of King Arthur, The Lord of the Rings or The Lion King. But with spreadsheets.” And we think he might be right. In his five years at Propellernet he’s loved tackling any challenges that help him learn something new or understand something better, which, thankfully, happens a lot. He once created an SEO site migration “so large and in-depth that it threatened to warp the very fabric of space and time”.

He loves his small cat Margot, who inspired him to be as aloof and unpredicatble as possible every single day. His proudest achievent is from when he was training as a journalist and passed the 100 wpm shorthand exam with 100% accuracy; he was in a state of shock for about a week afterwards.