Stars of the Future?


July 4, 2016

One of the benefits of our partnership with BACA is that we get to work with some of their 6th form media students by inviting them into the agency to work alongside our team for a week. Last week, we welcomed Sam Godfrey, Callum Sexton and James Fielden to Propellernet for their work experience placement. Having had the opportunity to interview each of them at their school during the selection process (which works both ways – we chose them and they, thankfully, chose us too), we had a good feeling about them as enthusiastic and talented young people.




After some inevitable initial nerves (this was their first time ever in an office environment), they quickly settled in and it wasn’t long before they were exceeding all of our expectations. Personally, I was absolutely hopeless at seventeen years old. If it didn’t involve football or mucking around wasting time with my mates then I wasn’t interested. But Sam, Callum and James were fantastic from the off, proactively seizing the opportunity by throwing themselves into the creative project tasks we set them and attending sessions with consultants from various disciplines across the agency from creative to PR, to paid to tech. They also spent time with creatives from our collective including filmmakers Jump Start Productions and digital entertainment innovators  RamJam.

‘You’re set tasks and a deadline – it’s just great to be treated like an adult and to have the freedom to work independently’

BACA have adopted the progressive Finnish principles of learning, with students encouraged to put study into practice be entrepreneurial. This really showed, with the guys making a quick and impressive impact in the creative team. They created short films to document our recent schools VR initiative, produced original visual concepts for our upcoming web series and worked on client projects.


It was an incredibly positive experience for us and, I hope, the beginning of a longer term relationship with BACA and these students in particular  – all of whom would be welcomed back to gain more experience with us in the future.


Quotes from the students:


‘You’re set tasks and a deadline – it’s just great to be treated like an adult and to have the freedom to work independently’


‘Everyone helps each other, I feel a part of the team and everyone makes me feel valued – it’s just perfect’ 


‘It was an eye opener – seeing all the people working and knowing what they are doing – it’s a nice environment.  I have had a lot of responsibility on my hands. However, the responsibility has made me strive for future success’ 


‘We’ve been going out interviewing people and I’ve worked with people I don’t know – this has boosted my confidence’


‘I never expected it to be so good – that it would be so creative and fun.  We have the freedom to work how and where you like – don’t feel pressured – its stress free.  The best thing about this company is you can be who you are – this has been the best working experience I’ve ever had’ 


Work from the students:


Beyond Your Horizon – schools VR initiative, edited by Sam Godfrey.


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