Link Analysis & Audits

Links have always been a crucial factor in SEO. They play a major role in how search engines assess the usefulness and popularity of a web page. While your site may be technically perfect and have great content, if this content is not being linked to from other websites, it will not be seen by search engines as worth including in their search results. If your site is being linked to, where those links are coming from is just as important.

Our consultants have vast experience in carrying out indepth backlink audits and can help you identify toxic links and improve your Google rankings.

Even the most trusted backlink tools in the market provide an incomplete picture, so we use a variety to give you with a full and thorough understanding of the health of your site’s backlink profile. We use this data to pinpoint areas for improvement, gaps and opportunities to develop the right, new links and avoid penalties from search engines for attracting links from sites of a poor or dubious quality.

We also look at how your site’s backlink profile compares to those of your competitors, and what we learn from this is applied to our link building strategy.

Our approach

Our team uses a combination of industry-leading analysis tools to assess your site’s backlink profile, investigating and reporting on a range of factors that will be influencing its search engine visibility, including:

  • Authority of linking domains
  • Followed vs NoFollowed links
  • How links are distributed between pages of the site
  • Broken or lost backlinks
  • Low-quality link sources and manual penalty risks
  • Competitor analysis

What will you receive?

You will be provided with a bespoke and comprehensive backlink audit report, covering the issues above and any other areas of interest or concern. This will be accompanied by data and prioritised recommendations around how the strength of your site’s backlink profile can be improved. If required, this can be followed up with a meeting to discuss our findings and agree next steps. When it comes to implementing your link building strategy, we can do this for you or provide guidance to your internal team.

How else can we help you?

We know that, while the findings and recommendations from a backlink audit are extremely valuable, improving the authority of your website is a continuous process. We always aim to provide ongoing consultancy and support, working alongside our PR team to ensure the site is continuously attracting links from other high quality, relevant sites.

Link Analysis & Audits team