Driving visibility, traffic and revenue through best practice.

Technical SEO is as important now as it’s ever been. It’s the foundation of any digital strategy and the basis for ensuring your brand and website will continue to be found. Without it, the online performance of the brand just isn’t in tune.

Technical tuning affects the success of all of our other services perform. No matter how great the PR campaign (and ours are pretty great), you can generate all the coverage, links and shares in the world, but they won’t deliver high notes in visibility if your approach isn’t technically sound. Put simply, if you fail to get the technical aspects of SEO right, then your digital marketing efforts will never achieve their full potential.

And that’s where we come in.

What do our Technical SEO team do?

Optimisation: We work to continually optimise your site, making sure both search engines and your customers, can find it with ease.

Problem Fixing: We’re always looking for ways to take advantage of the latest technical opportunities or fix unexpected problems, often hoping to catch potential difficulties before they’ve develop into issues.

Integration: Our tech team are client facing and, along with integrating with our own in-house PR and creative teams, we successfully work alongside client side designers, developers and other agencies. Our unswerving mission is to make sure that those builds have delivered what customers want and the search engines need.

Site Migrations: Our work planning and implementing site migrations has minimised business disruption for clients and we’ve also delivered successful site consolidation projects to strengthen the authority of our clients’ domains.

Research: In terms of our ongoing work, we’re focused not just on the here and now of optimising and reporting, but also on future developments. We keep our finger on the pulse by taking time to research new technical opportunities, learn how best to take advantage of them and share that knowledge with colleagues and clients.

International: We are used to working on international projects, often leading on technical SEO, but also comfortable collaborating with other agencies to deliver detailed technical recommendations or implement specific proposals.

And plenty more. Fancy chatting about our tech SEO services? Get in touch by emailing or calling 01273 760950 and we can discuss how we can help make life better for you. Or click to find out more about our paid media, PR, creative, strategy and insight and content  offering too. We also off Google Analytics Training Courses and Google Tag Manager Training Course.