Propellernet Climate Action Pledge

We are committed to taking bold climate action.

In order to safeguard our planet and future business, we recognise the importance of achieving the IPCC recommended target of limiting global warming to below 1.5°C compared with pre-industrial levels.

This requires immediate and radical action to reduce emissions and remove carbon from the atmosphere in order to reach net-zero carbon emissions.

The UK Government’s target for achieving net-zero emissions is 2050. For many businesses with large carbon footprints, this will involve a complex journey of investment, innovation and re-invention of their current business practices.

For a service-sector agency like us, the process is far simpler and quicker to achieve; therefore, we don’t believe in net-zero for our business, we have set sub-zero carbon targets.

For us the core questions are not about reaching our own net-zero position but – “how carbon negative can we operate?” and “how can we inspire other businesses to do the same?”

Here is our 3 point plan to achieve sub-zero carbon emissions and become a climate positive business leader:

  1. Conduct a full and detailed carbon audit of our business operations that takes into account the Covid-19 enforced, and lasting, changes to our ways of working. We will publish the results early in 2021 and report our annual emissions alongside our financial results every January.
  2. Set science based targets in Q1 2021 and implement carbon reduction measures that minimise our carbon emissions – to include moving to 100% renewable energy, ethical banking, energy-efficient practices, minimised travel by high-polluting vehicles and supplier audits to reduce scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions.
  3. Investment in climate restoration projects that focus on natural solutions including tree protection and planting. Our chosen partners support local communities in developing countries by providing jobs and sustainable work that is not only better for the environment but also more valuable to the workers. All projects have a Gold Standard (or equivalent) rating to ensure these climate solutions deliver the maximum impact.

Climate Action Offsetting Targets

Whilst we recognise the value in offsetting carbon emissions to net-zero for high-carbon businesses, our goals go far beyond offsetting our own carbon footprint as we seek to draw down as much carbon as possible:

– By end of 2020: offset our annual carbon emissions
– By end of 2021: offset our carbon emissions for the lifetime of our business (17 years)
– By end of 2022: offset the lives of all employees that have ever worked here
– By end of 2023: plant 1 million trees
– By end of 2025: help protect 1 million trees from avoidable deforestation

Low Carbon Leaders

We don’t want our impact to be limited to just our business, so we have launched a wider initiative to inspire and help other service sector and low carbon businesses to take bold climate action beyond net-zero targets.

Low Carbon Leaders is a climate action business network we have set up to share knowledge and solutions for taking collective action to fight the impact of climate change with a goal of its own:

– By 2030: have influenced over 100 low carbon businesses to measure and reduce emissions to science-based targets, plant 1 million trees each and to operate as climate-positive workplaces.

Climate Solution Partners