The Propellernet Fun Ministry

Laura Wilkins

October 17, 2017

Propellernet is well regarded for being a fantastic place to work. Don’t believe me? Well, not only have we been officially recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces five years in a row, but our Dream Balls are a thing of legend.


Our agency places such an emphasis on making life better for clients, employees and the wider community, that we’ve even made it our strapline. However, one of everyone’s favourite benefits of working at Propellernet is the esteemed Fun Ministry – the entryway to free breakfasts, lunches, massages, treats, events, parties, shows, craft sessions, games nights, exercise classes, surprise treats, and so much more.


Having spent seven years at Propellernet and volunteered as Fun Minister three times, I’ve become quite the authority on all things amusement. A fun fanatic of sorts; an entertainment expert; a director of dreams.


Enough hyperbole – want to find out more? Read on…


What is the Fun Ministry?

It’s almost too good to be true. 5% of all company profits are placed into a separate ‘fun fund’ each month. This can then be spent on super awesome activities, entertainment and wellbeing endeavours to make sure we’re all cheery, creative, inspired and healthy. And as much as we enjoy pub trips and lunches, we also make sure to include an emphasis on wellness, to help ensure everyone stays fit and well. This means monthly massage and reflexology sessions, plus weekly pilates classes.



What’s the catch?

There is no catch! It’s just a Propellernet perk. Happy, healthy and socialised colleagues work smarter and better together, making for an altogether more content workplace.


What do you get?

Below are just a small selection of Fun Ministry activities and offerings that we’ve been lucky enough to enjoy in years I’ve been at the agency…

  • Seeing Cirque du Soleil at the Royal Albert Hall
  • Cooking classes, learning to make ice cream and Thai curries
  • Trampolining
  • A beer tap in the office
  • Laser tag
  • A trip to Tully’s Farm for Shocktoberfest
  • Pancakes on Shrove Tuesday
  • Office Nutribullets for healthy meals and drinks
  • Lots and lots of fancy dress
  • Charity bake offs and Come Dine with Me nights
  • Ice skating by the Pavilion
  • Pizza nights
  • More legendary parties than you can shake a stick at, and boy do we know how to party. We’ve done it all, from terrifying haunted house dress-ups in Devon to bouncy castles to sports days. Amongst other activities, our last party involved Charleston dance classes, ziplining and cocktail making before dancing through to the small hours.
  • The list goes on… we’ve cycled, we’ve tuk-tuk’d, we’ve painted, we’ve zombified, we’ve done improv, we’ve meditated, we’ve DJ’d, we’ve driven. We’ve even SKIED in the ALPS. (Yep, you heard)

Okay… I’ll stop, I’m just showing off now.





What is a Fun Minister?

Usually working in pairs, Fun Ministers are in charge of the fun fund and take responsibility for organising all of the splendid stuff we do. A voluntary position, anyone in the agency can give it a go, and a ‘reign’ usually lasts for about six months.


What does the job entail?

You need to keep your finger on the pulse, with an ear to the ground for any great events or activities that come up – from shows to morning raves to caricature classes to zombie make-up lessons.


Each month, the Fun Ministers also arrange a pre-pay day lunch to bring everyone together at a time when pockets might be running a little low on cash. If the budget is looking low, the Ministers can arrange a variety of cheap activities to keep everyone coming together. We’ve had movie nights and board game evenings in the office, which often end up being just as fun as the bigger events and activities.


In fact, it tends to be the little gestures that go down the best, whether that’s a rose for Valentine’s Day, ice cream surprises in the summer or a feast of doughnuts on a Friday (needless to say, foodie treats always prove popular).


With both summer and Christmas parties, there’s always a great upcoming event to arrange, so good organisation skills are key. A vivid imagination is, of course, essential – trying to arrange events and activities that appeal to a range of people isn’t always easy, but it’s certainly fun.





So why be a Fun Minister?


Because your colleagues will love you. Oh, and it’s rewarding to make people happy (but mostly it’s the love thing… honestly, organise a decent party and people treat you like a God).


But in seriousness, it’s a fantastic way to really get to know more people in the agency. The role has helped me, personally,  to build confidence. It’s massively improved my organisation skills and also means I’m now an expert on all the fun things Brighton and beyond has to offer. Seeing the benefits of bringing everyone together for an enjoyable time together is a massive pay-out in itself.


If this has inspired you to consider a job at Propellernet, then head over to our careers page. Don’t see the right role for you? Drop us a line anyway, you never know what opportunities may come up in the future.

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