A CSI-wannabe, Sophie channels her curiosity into our clients' audiences as Director of Strategy

She joined Propellernet as a PR intern way back in 2009. “I loved my time here, but there wasn’t a job for me when it finished. I did some marketing for a local charity instead, but stayed in touch with the Propellernet team. I was offered a full-time PR job a few months later and came running back!” Since then, Sophie’s worked in PR and creative, before finding her natural home in the strategy team.

Outside of work, Sophie loves anything crime-related. “I like to think it keeps my brain sharp but I also love the drama. Part of me thinks I might have been a CSI in another life.”

Sophie also enjoys tracing her family history. “I was inspired by having my great grandad’s WW1 medals restored as a gift for my dad; they absolutely fascinated me and I was able to learn about his time in France – which included 38 (!) trips to the medics. Learning about and feeling connected to your heritage is so rewarding.”