Our travel-loving 'search grandad' keeps our culture strong as co-Managing Director

James started his career in television in 2000, selling ad space to media buying agencies. He then got into analytics, and helped bring measurement standards to the online world before Google Analytics even existed.

James has been in digital marketing for so long he calls himself a ‘search grandad!’ “I started working at Propellernet in 2006. It’s too good a place to work to go elsewhere. Just ask Lou or Richard who left and then came back to us.”

James loves travelling, with India, Colombia and Namibia still on his bucket list. “I went around the world in 2005. Out of the 26 countries I visited, I fell in love with Latin America. I learned Spanish and met my wife in Argentina. We have been married for 15 years and have three lovely kids. Pretty life-changing. I’ve still got the travel bug though!”