We’re a great place to work for the sixth year!

Nikki Gatenby

April 26, 2018


We’re delighted to have once again been named as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces™ – now for a sixth year running. Huge congratulations to The Sovini Group, Workday and McCarthy Recruitment who won in the large, medium and small categories respectively.


At Propellernet, we’re on a mission to Make Life Better for our clients, their customers…and of course our own staff.


But did you know that we live in a world where only 30% [1] of people are engaged in their jobs, meaning the other 70% have left their ingenuity at home, probably not bringing their full selves to work, possibly just turning up hoping not to get fired?


What a waste of our collective human intelligence. How bad is that for business?


At Propellernet, along with the UK’s other Best Workplaces, we’ve been working hard to change the status quo, and we’re proud to have flipped that statistic. 90% of our team are engaged, and people often ask me how we’ve done that.


It has certainly been a journey, so last year we decided to write a book about it.


Fast forward to 2018 and the copy is almost there (in no small part to friends of Propellernet who have generously taken the time to read our draft and give us their feedback). SuperEngaged  is on track to be launched this Autumn, and we hope you’ll feel inspired to nick some of our ideas, learn from our successes and avoid some of our mistakes. But until then, here is a flavour of 10 things we’re glad we didn’t say no to…


  1. Putting people before profit and making wellbeing central to how we run the business, not external shareholder value (right from our bootstrapped start in a spare bedroom).
  2. Limiting our size to 60 people, to force innovation in growth.
  3. Being deadly serious about making dreams come true, including having our own Dreamball Machine and building our team’s dreams into our business plan.
  4. Funding the development of new technology products such as coveragebook.com and answerthepublic.com (without a penny of external investment) which are currently making life better for the PR industry, globally.
  5. Having an outpost in the French Alps, so our team can enjoy an alpine experience whilst cooking up new ideas in our CEO’s treehouse.
  6. Raising awareness and donations for charities, with a focus on helping Brighton Housing Trust achieve their mission of no one being street homeless.
  7. Putting fun on the agenda, getting our staff to try things like jet-skiing to work, learning to draw in caricature style, sculpting portraits and tuk tuk racing around Brighton.
  8. Starting a housing project that helped some of our team get onto the property ladder.
  9. Launching a band of renegade creative freedom fighters into the world to put on immersive theatrical events at Glastonbury and elsewhere – just for kicks.
  10. Encouraging our team to go on sabbatical and helping them act on the dreams and ideas they bring back (such as collaborating with a Namibian safari company to help preserve life).


If you’d like a sneak peek of SuperEngaged before launch, practical tips on how to drive employee engagement, or simply want to find out more about what Propellernet and businesses like us are doing to create better workplaces, visit the website and sign up to hear more.


We’re also super keen to hear what else you’ve been up to, to supercharge engagement in your own team…so feel free to get in touch and share your ideas by emailing [email protected].




[1] According to Gallup, which has been measuring employee engagement for nearly two decades

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