We’re a Great Place to Work for the 5th year running! Come and take a peek inside…

Nikki Gatenby

May 9, 2017

It’s official. Last night we were recognised as one of the UK’s Best Workplaces for the fifth year on the trot and have been awarded the Great Places to Work Laureate at the all glittering annual ceremony in London.


Congratulations to Baringa Partnersbdht and Foundation SP who won the top spots on the night for the large, medium and small business categories respectively. What a wonderful evening of celebrating how work can be a joy.


Lots of people have asked us about our journey and what we’ve learnt; lots of people have asked us to write a book about what we know now, that we didn’t know then.


So we thought it was about time we did just that.


We’re working on it now and will be publishing a little later on this year.


If you’re interested, do check it out. We’ll be posting occasional extracts and frameworks as we write it. We’ll be answering those questions already asked and sharing how we’ve gone about creating our unique culture that’s driven global success. At the heart of it, is the notion that we spend many of our waking hours at work, we may as make it worthy of such a large chunk of our short time on this planet.


The best way to follow the book is to sign up and we’ll keep you on the inside track.


In the meantime, here’s the post we shared last year with a peek inside as to ‘What’s the secret sauce of a great place to work?’.  It sparked a whole load of conversations and flurry of sharing.


We’re looking forward to more of that, swapping stories with you and continuing to experiment. Come on in.

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