Pour Moi

Revenue increases of over 600% within a year

Propellernet impressed us from the start with their understanding of our audience and how to reach them, as well as their drive to increase spend efficiencies and their ambition for growing the business together.

Michael Thompson - Owner, Pour Moi

The challenge

Pour Moi had two challenges for Propellernet:

  • Help the business achieve its ambitious growth target.
  • Tap into the latent commercial opportunity in Paid Search and Shopping, without compromising cost per sale.

Propellernet’s approach

Our paid media strategists assessed Pour Moi’s account and immediately recognised that there was enormous headroom for efficient, non-brand growth which would then accelerate the achievement of the business’s growth targets.

We quickly and extensively built out non-brand coverage, adopting high-automation technologies.
Alongside this work, we created traditional search campaigns, with strict adherence to best practice to ensure efficiency.




revenue increase


sales increase


cost of sale increase