Pour Moi

28% revenue growth target, 202% result

Propellernet impressed us from the start with their understanding of our audience and how to reach them, as well as their drive to increase spend efficiencies and their ambition for growing the business together.

Michael Thompson - Founder & CEO, Pour Moi

The challenge

Pour Moi had two challenges for Propellernet:

  • Help the business achieve its 28% business growth target.
  • Increase paid media sales and revenue, without compromising cost of sale (CoS).

Propellernet’s approach

  • We immediately recognised that there was enormous headroom for efficient, non-brand growth which would accelerate the achievement of Pour Moi’s growth target.
  • We built out an integrated media strategy based on Search Intelligence™, ensuring that Paid Search, Shopping and Social worked together to create more profitable purchase journeys.
  • We quickly and extensively opened up the brand’s Paid Search and Google Shopping campaigns, adopting high-automation technologies and testing new innovations to drive revenue growth at a lower CoS.
  • Integrated propsecting and remarketing campaigns were launched in Paid Social to drive new customers and incremental sales.Award-winning




target-smashing revenue growth


increase in Paid Search conversions


lower cost of sale