Technical SEO is as important now as it’s ever been. Without it the online performance of the brand is not in tune.  

Technical tuning applies to how well all of our other services perform. A PR campaign, designed to generate coverage, links and shares won’t deliver high notes in visibility if it isn’t technically sound. Put simply, if you fail to get the technical aspects of SEO right, then your digital marketing efforts will never achieve their full potential.

Our team go as deep into the technical solution as is required. Our consultancy can start with analysing and fixing existing technical issues with a full site audit. We might handle the removing manual penalties, assist in planning for a new site or migration from an existing one. We’re always looking for ways to take advantage of the latest technical opportunities or react to fix unexpected problems, often preemptively. We’ve worked hard to build a team who offer the technical skills and experience necessary for helping our clients make the most of the content they create – complementing ranking for relevance in search with coverage and earned links.

What’s the impact?

Our tech team are client facing and can’t help being collaborative. As well as with our own in house PR and creative teams they’ve successfully worked alongside client side designers, developers and other agencies. Their unswerving mission is to make sure that those builds have delivered what customers want and the search engines need.

Our work planning and implementing site migrations has minimised business disruption for clients and we’ve also delivered successful site consolidation projects to strengthen the authority of our clients’ domains.

In terms of our ongoing work we’re focused not just on the here and now of optimising and reporting, but also on future developments. We make sure that no more than 70% of our people’s time is spent delivering client work so that they can ensure they have the time to research new technical opportunities, learn how best to take advantage of them and share that knowledge with their colleagues and our clients.

We are used to working on international projects, often leading on technical SEO, but also comfortable collaborating with other agencies to deliver detailed technical recommendations or implement specific proposals.

Some of the tool we use

We work with an ever-evolving list of over 40 specialised tools and services (some of which we have built in-house) that make our lives better for everything from keyword research, analysing internal links and Meta Tag testing through to inbound link analysis, rank checking and more. We each have our preferences, but we’re also willing to use a client’s preferred software and platforms to get things done. We also have experience of a wide range of ecommerce platforms and analytics solutions.