Will “bad work” solve digital PR’s creativity gap?

Has digital PR had its day? Or will strings of “bad work” push it to continuously come up with better, creative ideas? Our creative director, Richard Paul, has faith in the latter.

For quite some time now, digital PR has come under fire from people both within and outside of the profession. If we’re to pay attention to regular Twitter conversations, it’s an industry becoming increasingly guilty of producing work that’s either irrelevant to clients, or reliant on worn out formats that leave journalists rolling their eyes.

But is that true, or is it the work of a handful of not-so-great digital PRs giving everyone else a bad rep? And could this all actually be a good thing for the industry in the long run?

In his recent piece for The Drum, Richard discusses the problems facing the industry and its reputation, what the future holds and some top tips for re-igniting your creative spark.

You can read it here: https://www.thedrum.com/opinion/2023/06/30/will-bad-work-solve-digital-pr-s-creativity-gap


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