We’re making a web series with Jump Start


June 9, 2016

Exciting times continue at Propellernet HQ.  We have joined forces with award winning Brighton film maker Jamie Patterson (City of Dreamers) and his company Jump Start Productions to create a new YouTube series called W. A. R. S.



W. A. R. S. is an adventure sci-fi with some heavy doses of black humor and a standout, original soundtrack. The show tells the story of a future with no war, no crime, no disease, no poverty, no religion. A future where there is no choice and no freedom. Society is controlled by one, all powerful corporation and its giant artificial Intelligence brain that tracks, monitors and judges the population 24-7. People are rewarded for their compliance with social scores and lifestyle upgrades. The majority lead a superficial existence and have forgotten what it is to be human, to experience free will. The only remaining chance of salvation from their brainwashed slumber are a motley crew of renegade misfits and musicians, unsuspectingly bought together by a super-spy with a genius mind and the most audacious plan ever conceived.


The project is based on an original idea by Propellernet creative Mark Slade that has come to life as a collaborative effort involving not only Jamie Patterson and Jump Start Productions, but a number of other talented creatives who are giving their time for free.


W. A. R. S. is being produced as 20-part, 5 minute per episode web series written by George Young, Sam Zindel, Robin Fry, Isobel Mathias, Paul Williams, Jamie and Mark. Music will include contributions from several well known artists (to be announced) with Music Director Angus Wilson aka Eames (Millionhands, JuiceFM’s EveryLittleThing) producing.  Film maker Alan Stockdale (Foundlight) is capturing the creative process for behind the scenes and social media content and will also support Jamie as a guest director on an episode of the show.


A partnership with Brighton based Franklins Brewing Co will see the creation of a special limited edition beer that will also feature in the show. Franklins Bar, as seen on screen, will be recreated as an immersive theatre and live music popup venue in Brighton at the end of September to coincide with the premier of the series. Event Director Tom Harris (Dream Explorers) is leading the activation alongside live experience designers Rik Turner (Haps) and Kim Slade and Jake Denham (Unknown Epic)


Some exciting names in key character roles are attached to the project and principal photography is due to start in June. W. A. R. S. will premiere exclusively on YouTube from the end September via the show’s website.


Propellernet will promote W. A. R. S. through a targeted paid seeding and PR outreach campaign beginning in August.


Sign up to receive exclusive W. A. R. S. content, music and event location clues at:  https://www.weareredstars.com.


Follow the show on Twitter for casting and behind the scenes announcements: @weareredstars

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