The month in links- March’s Digital PR Highlights

We made it! The dark and dreary winter days are officially behind us, and as people start to switch up their cosy cardio for hot girl walks, dust off their jet wash and get out the fake tan, our Digital PR team has been busy hitting the springtime link jackpot for our clients. They proved once again that leaning into a niche can put a new spin on calendar highlights (Guinness skincare, anyone?), launched the ultimate dream role for Swifties and gave us some serious holiday inspo with a campaign that has so far landed over 130 pieces of coverage.

Grab a bit of leftover Easter egg, pop the kettle on and have a read of our Digital PR team’s March highlights below.

Brand Campaigns

Second Home Hotspots- GetAgent

Buying a second property is a topical talking point in the property world at the moment, and so working with the experts at GetAgent, we conducted a study which analysed the most desirable locations for a second or holiday hom, according to Google search data. Many of the in-demand destinations revealed in our research were located in areas of natural beauty and provide easy access to other desirable travel locations – such as Melbourne, Australia, or Cape Town, South Africa.

This campaign is still in outreach but has currently scored over 18 pieces of coverage with highlights including Time Out, Scoop NZ and House and Garden South Africa.

“We knew that the topic of second homes was a timely one, and by pairing this with a simple (but effective) methodology such as analysing Google search data, we’ve been able to help place GetAgent in the centre of current conversations around the purchasing of them. Our in depth analysis of readily available worldwide data also meant we could pitch to lots of countries, which is a useful way to enable us us to land international coverage and new linking domains!” – Abi Bennetts, Digital PR Director


Taylor Swift Dream Job- Pour Moi

With Taylor Swift’s new album launching in a few weeks, Pour Moi wanted to hire a fan to put some comfy underwear to the test whilst listening to and reviewing ‘The Tortured Poet’s Department’. Getting paid to sit around and listen to Taylor whilst putting underwear to the test? Now that’s a dream job!

We’re still pitching this one, but so far have landed over 50 pieces of coverage, with highlights including Irish Mirror, Grazia Finance and Flair.

“This is the dream job for any Taylor Swift fan! Getting paid to relax and unwind whilst listening to Taylor’s new album which launches April 19th – such a fun opportunity for a superfan. So far we’ve seen some fantastic coverage, and this is a fun story we’re able to pitch globally.” Megan Salter, Senior Digital PR Executive


Which Artists Help Us Concentrate Behind The Wheel?- Auto Trader

Listening to music has been proven, many times, to aid us in certain situations. Songs with a BPM (beats per minute) 120+ have been documented to help athletes run faster, while music with just 60-70 beats per minute has been shown to help students study longer and retain more information. With this in mind, Auto Trader wanted to explore which musicians are the most beneficial in helping your concentration when driving… revealing that the best road trip companions are none other than Drake, Ariana Grande and Eminem.

This campaign is currently on 35 pieces of coverage, with the major highlight being this blinder from the New York Post.

“It can be tricky to get cut through with motoring stories, so we wanted to find a way to appeal to the every day driver with a relatable story that would pique the interest of press too. Tapping into popular culture (i.e. well known musicians) is a useful tactic for generating coverage, and in this instance it helped us to place our client front and centre in a story closely tied to their brand. The fun and international nature of the story also meant we were able to pitch to different press targets all over the globe, maximising our opportunity to bring in new linking domains, whilst focusing on hyper-relevant domains, too.” – Chloe Tickner, Senior Digital PR Executive


The World’s Bluest Water- CV Villas

To determine where in the world you should go on holiday this summer, researchers at CV Villas compiled a long list of the most popular and most beautiful beaches in the world. Then came the colour analysis, which involved taking unedited images of the beaches from Google Maps, using a colour dropper tool to determine the water’s exact shade, and cross-referencing that shade against the official bluest shade of blue (YInMn Blue, in case you’re curious).

This campaign is currently sitting pretty on 132 pieces of coverage, with highlights including Thrillist, The Sun, TimeOut, The Express and many more around the globe.

“Going on holiday and claiming you have had a dip in the bluest water you have ever seen is an anecdote shared by many, so we wanted to reveal where in the world actually has the bluest seas. We had a good feeling about this idea, as the methodology is unlike anything we have seen anywhere else and we knew it would be the best opportunity to build links directly into country pages, to catch up with our competitors and close the link gap.” – Maddie Davies, Digital PR Manager


Press Office Best Bits

Guinness Skincare Tips-

As the world celebrated St Paddy’s Day on 17th March, we worked with’s skincare experts to issue some unique advice – revealing that drinking a pint of Guinness could actually bring benefits to your skin. These surprising tips gained coverage on the likes of The Sun and Her Ireland.


Chocolate Skincare Benefits- Beauty Pie

With Easter approaching, the skincare experts at BEAUTY PIE revealed the skin-boosting benefits that you can get from high-quality dark chocolate. By pairing this with expert commentary exclusively for USA Today, we landed a high domain authority link directly to the skincare category page.


Pushchair Cleaning Tips- iCandy

With spring finally arriving, the pushchair experts at iCandy shared their top tips on how to give your pushchair a deep clean so it’s running its best in the months to come. These tips have helped us gain coverage on lifestyle publications including West Wales Chronicle.

Most Searched Global Celebrations- Remitly

A big part of moving abroad is immersing yourself in local culture and enjoying your new home’s celebratory days and experiences. There are so many fantastic celebrations all around the world, from unique festivals to full-on food fights in the streets. To reveal which ones people were the most interested in seeing, Remitly analysed global search data to unearth the most popular global celebrations. So far we’ve secured coverage on relevant, global news sites such as Expat Network.


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