The month in links- January’s Digital PR Highlights

It’s the 1st of Feb, and three things are abundantly clear at this point: we’ve been conned into thinking January is 4.5 weeks long (it’s actually 45), no amount of SAD lamps and vitamin D supplements can mimic the feeling of the actual sun on our skin, and, with new year’s resolutions and intention-setting left right and centre, January is the prime time to get those aspirational client campaigns out the door.

Whether it’s highlighting the most beautiful unspoilt landscapes for those planning their 2024 travel, pinpointing some decor trends for people planning a bit of home improvement, or releasing THE fitness report to end all fitness report, our Digital PR team has been using January hibernation time to create some smashing brand campaigns and press office pieces. Read our highlights below:

Brand campaigns

Car-ming Dog Treats- Autotrader

Our Canine Car Report (a previous Digital PR campaign we executed with Auto Trader) really caught the media’s attention, and we wanted to build on the success with an exciting and creative new execution. We conducted a survey of dog-owning motorists and found out that many don’t recognise travel sickness in their dog, and that many drivers avoid journeys with their dogs due to their pet getting sick. We partnered with a qualified vet, and the mighty minds at Robin Collective, to launch ‘Car-Ming Dog Treats’ – delicious dog treats that come in the nostalgic bronze sweet tins, made with natural ingredients designed to settle both dogs’ stomachs and their travel anxiety.

“The treats were featured in the Daily Star’s Product of the Week in print, and online media such as The Scotsman and Wales Online shared the news too. As well as creating a cool new product, we used the original survey research to reveal the ten dog breeds which suffer with car sickness the most, which was picked up by the USA Today network and other global news sites. By tapping into real problem for drivers, we created a wholesome campaign that helps motorists and their pets enjoy driving together – which was newsworthy enough to appeal to publications both in the UK and across the world. Woof!” Stephanie Finch, Digital PR Director


Unspoilt Landscapes- Inghams

With a brief to create campaigns that will champion Inghams as the go-to brand for walking and outdoor adventures, we turned to trusty Instagram. The photo-led platform is rife with posts that show off epic landscapes, with many users including hashtags such as #unspoiled or #offthebeatentrack to show where in the world is brimming with natural beauty. Working with an expert data analyst, we analysed over 100,000 Instagram posts to find which locations around the world are most often described as being unspoilt. To date we have secured 24 links from 32 online placements, with coverage on The Express, Scoop, Nation Cymru and Geo France.

“Although Instagram data is a much-used source for digital PR campaigns, our unique methodology bought about results that really caught the attention of local and national news outlets who were excited and proud to declare how ‘unspoiled’ their region is. This is a lovely example of a campaign that used positive news, and had international appeal, to secure plenty of relevant and high quality links.” Abi Bennetts- Digital PR Director


The Scrap Car Report- Scrap Car Comparison 

To help establish Scrap Car Comparison as experts in all things vehicle maintenance and scrapping cars, we produced the first edition of the ‘Scrap Car Report’ – an in-depth report which has utilised data sources including: freedom of information (FOI) requests to local councils and the DVLA, Numbeo, Google, the Department for Transport and the brand’s own internal data and insight. The report takes a deep dive into the scrap and salvage landscape in the UK and explore various elements of owning a car – from common offences on the road, to the cost of maintaining a vehicle. We are still currently pitching the report out, with the content providing us a multitude of different stories to pitch to press. So far we’ve secured 23 pieces of coverage, with lots more pitching still to come. Coverage highlights include The Express, Autovisie and Girl Racer.

“This is the first time we’ve produced a report of this kind (and size) for Scrap Car Comparison – but the time it took to compile all of the different data stories is already paying off. Not only is the multitude of different insights and stories allowing us to build links and new linking domains at scale, but our report is also designed to be a one-stop-shop of tips, data and insights for car owners in the UK and beyond. Our hope for the report is that it becomes a trusted resource for journalists and audiences alike, allowing us to build links with the content for months and years to come!” Charlotte Brown- Senior Digital PR Executive

The UK Fitness Report- Puregym

Back at the end of 2022 we launched the first ever PureGym UK Fitness Report – a huge combination of insights from PureGym themselves, indepedent surveys, YouGov and Google, which went on to become an industry leading report, being referenced by everywhere from the MailOnline and Women’s Health, to Aldi and Vitality. To build on this success, we launched the second iteration of this report, with up-to-date 2023/24 stats, and insights into everything from the latest fitness trends, to how our jobs affect our exercise regimes.

While the report itself will continue to gain links and coverage throughout 2024, it has already gained 46 links in 2024 alone, with highly relevant publications covering its data, including Womens Health, Evening Standard and Bodyandsoul.

The PureGym report is a huge undertaking to pull all of the data together, and then create a cohesive report that this year has included insights from personal trainers, to brands like the British Heart Foundation and the mental health platform JAAQ, but for two instalments now, the outcome is so rewarding!

“It really goes to show that when you work with a brand like PureGym that is such an authority on the subject, taking a deep dive into it and releasing some genuinely useful stats and insights is all you need. Like the first report did, I’m sure this version will continue to pick up organic links throughout the whole year – now that it is such an established and well-used source of information in the health and fitness community.” Richard Paul, Creative Director.


Press Office best bits

Hollywood’s Favourite Electric Cars- Autotrader

To help increase Auto Trader’s authority in the EV world, we took a deep dive into the Internet Movie Cars Database to see which electric cars appear on our screens the most. Launching just before Hollywood’s awards season, this timely press office piece secured coverage of mega-relevant sites such as Not A Tesla App, Drive Tesla Canada and Teslarati.


How To Do ‘Mob Wife Makeup’,TikTok’s Latest Trend- Beauty Pie

It’s over for the ‘Clean Girl Aesthetic’ as ‘Mob Wife Makeup’ is the latest trend that’s taking over TikTok. So, we quickly pulled together expert tips from the luxury beauty buyers club, Beauty Pie, on how to create the look.

We worked with Beauty Pie’s resident makeup and skincare expert, Nicole Moulton, who explained the key elements of the new trend and we pitched a step-by-step guide on how to achieve the bold style. So far, we’ve secured pieces on super relevant sites like Grazia, Glamour, Country and Townhouse, and The Mirror.


TikTok Decor Trends- GetAgent

As we enter a new year, we analysed TikTok data to reveal the biggest interior and decor trends for the year ahead, from quiet luxury decor to checkboard patterns. Coverage was secured on sites including Vogue Australia and Queen Greece.


MOT Law Breakers- Scrap Car Comparison

We utilised the expertise of the motoring experts at Scrap Car Comparison to issue a warning against some little-known mistakes drivers commonly make when getting an MOT for their vehicle. The MOT tips have received coverage on titles including the Daily Star, The Express, GB News and Reach PLC regionals including WalesOnline.


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