The Digital PR Podcast #9: Crisis Comms with Andy Barr

There’s no worse feeling- you press ‘send’ on a press release only to realise there’s a big mistake in the detail, your study has been taken out of context and put in an article that doesn’t look great for your client, your outreach email gets posted on Twitter for the world to see… All gut-wrenching things to happen to a PR, but this week on the Digital PR Podcast, Andy Barr joins Lou and Steve to reassure you that it really is okay.

Andy, founder of 10 Yetis agency, is a crisis comms aficionado. With over 20 years’ experience under his belt, he’s seen everything that could possibly wrong, and has some great advice on how to pull your socks back up and soldier on. So, if you’ve ever been in the firing line of a cross client or angry journalist, this one’s for you. Prepare for some brilliant stories, handy tips… and just a little bit of industry gossip.