The Digital PR Podcast #11 RTO or WFH with Mary Hickey and Rich Leigh

It’s the hottest topic in agency land this year; what does the future of hybrid work look like? Over the past 3 years, we’ve all shifted from full time office work, to full time working from home, to somewhere in between. But what that in between looks like differs from agency to agency, and even team to team. At Propellernet, we have a ‘work where you work best’ policy, with about 50% of our team making regular use of the office, and the other half dotted around the country, with everyone coming together for monthly team days and whole-agency socials. We’re lucky to have found an in between that works for us, and we’re always interested in learning more about how different setups work for different agencies.

This week, Lou and Steve have a chat with Mary Hickey- Senior Digital PR Manager at Journey Further- and Rich Leigh- founder and CEO of North- all about hybrid work setups. Mary works mostly from home, and Rich is a huge advocate of in-office collaboration, and between them they cover the whole spectrum of work setups. Listen below: