The Digital PR Podcast #10: Freelancing with Isa Lavahun

In our ever-evolving digital marketing landscape, it seems like more and more Digital PRs are leaving their inhouse and agency jobs to take to the open roads of freelancing. Digital PR is a career that lends itself to freelancing with its project and strategy-led nature, and as many organisations tighten their agency purse strings, hiring freelancers can be cost effective for both brand and worker.

There are undoubtedly benefits to both full-time and freelance working structures. Agency life is fast-paced and varied, with clear career paths, security and the undoubted joy of working as part of a team. Freelancers, on the other hand, have freedom to choose their projects, with even senior-level pros choosing tasks like outreach, pitching and journalist comms, whilst also being able to train and strategise.

Having worked inhouse, agency-side and freelance, Isa Lavahun sits down with Lou and Steve to discuss how the world of freelancing compares to more ‘traditional’ employment. Listen below: