Robin Fry

SEO Consultant

Backlink Audits

Robin was first introduced to SEO while working as a copywriter, as a way of making sure content could be found in search. He developed an interest and was soon learning all he could about HTML and technical SEO. With over 17 years’ experience in SEO, he’s been with us here at Propellernet as part of our technical SEO team since 2013.

His favourite aspect of his role is helping clients to develop content strategies for their websites that help them to share their expertise with visitors. One of the best examples of this was his work with Waitrose to develop their Recipes section into a massively popular hub that now attracts thousands of new customers to their site.

Outside of work he loves performing, especially acting and comedy. His proudest moments have been playing such diverse characters as Billy Bibbit, Ricky Roma and Fagin on stage. He also does a cracking French accent.