Google Tag Manager Training

The Google Tag Manager Training courses from Propellernet are designed to develop your understanding of GTM with a hands-on session that will allow you to learn GTM whilst using it.

Here’s a typical day’s agenda, however if you require a more bespoke course, please contact us.

Introduction to Tag Manager

What is GTM and why should it be used?
How does it work?
Tags, Triggers and Variables overview
What is a DataLayer and how does GTM use it?
The Google Tag Manager interface

Google Tag Manager and Google Analytics

General GA & GTM overview
The Google Analytics Setting Variable
How to Create Events in GA:
Events & the data layer
Event based firing
Default firing events

How GTM Works with Ecommerce

Debugging & publishing
Contain versions
Debugging and testing
Chrome extensions
Useful tools & resources

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Google Tag Manager Training team

Colin Differ

Analytics Director