In a cluttered marketplace our Paid Media team helps brands to be found, by precisely targeting the right person, in the right place with the right message. We find the perfect mix of data, technology and media channels to drive business success for our clients.

To be found in today’s cluttered marketplace, brands need to invest throughout the customer journey and across multiple platforms, or risk losing customers to competitors. But it’s not about out-spending the competition, we prefer smart placement of media, engaging and useful creative and effective measurement to give our clients an edge.

Our Paid Media Team achieves this through:

Media Planning and Strategy: Across all media platforms from Paid Search, Shopping, Paid Social, Display and Video. We research your customers and prospects using powerful third party data sets that help us to select the right audiences and identify where they spend their time online.

Technical Know-how: We have a deep understanding what makes a great campaign by combining rigorous technical processes and analytical ability to constantly build, optimise and test campaigns to deliver maximum return on our client’s investment. We’re experts in getting the most out market leading technologies such as Doubleclick and Marin for bidding, automation, stock management, reporting and attribution to help our clients get the most of our marketer’s expertise. Combine this with a geeky love of data and you’ve got a winning formula as we seek to eke out incremental improvements in campaign performance through on-going optimisation, testing and exploration.

Creative Integration: Delivering the right creative through paid channels is vital to success. That’s where our creative team kick in. From an agreed brand ‘point of view’, we develop creative messaging and targeting frameworks that appeal to the emotional and rational states that consumers move between while finding, choosing and making purchase decisions.

Paid Search: We’ve been working in Paid Search since 2003, so we’re used to change. With Google and Bing releasing 1,000s of updates to their platforms each year that means that we’re constantly looking for ways to make the best of the latest updates, whether that’s ad extensions, audience targeting options or planning around larger updates.

Google Shopping: For retailers, Google Shopping is arguably the most important part of search marketing but, ironically, advertisers are given little control over their campaigns by Google. We’re not happy with that. So we’ve developed strategies for our clients that take control of their Shopping campaigns. This includes end-to-end management from feed creation, consultancy, campaign setup and product optimisation.

Paid Social: This is the most versatile marketing channel in our toolkit. Social Media is present throughout the customer journey and is an ever-growing part of every day life. Whether we’re trying to deliver direct sales, drive awareness, promote an event or business location, we use platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest to reach your customers and prospects in the place that spend much of their online time.

Programmatic Display: Our in-house team of Display specialists work to make sure that our advertisers are getting the most out of their display media investment. That means that we’re constantly working to find the best combination of first, second and third party data to build audiences and messaging to ensure that display advertising is used effectively and ethically.

Video: In the last few years our Creative Team have been called upon to concept, produce and manage video campaigns from start to finish. By knowing how to promote those video assets out across social, YouTube, VOD and other video networks we’ve created a formula that helps our clients to be found, and recommended.