Scrap Car Comparison

How one memorable idea built links, and a brand

How do you turn a brand into the leading authority for car scrappage in the UK, expand their social following and drive 150 backlinks to their site in just six months? By creating a memorable, shareable digital PR campaign that tapped into the mood of the nation, post lockdown.

What we did

Digital PR

Strategy & Insight

The results

One clever campaign lead to huge amounts of coverage


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Our approach

The Scrap Car Comparison potential audience is vast, but 2020 saw the global population united like never before, in rage and grief around the pandemic and lockdowns. Our lighthearted ‘Rage Yard’ campaign, where people could release their 2020 stresses by ‘car-thartically’ destroying things in a scrap yard, let us connect with the widest audience possible.

Video was crucial for social media and share appeal. We created associated on-site content and a dedicated RageYard page to give journalists an irrefutable reason to link back to us. And it worked, with an estimated 6.84 million coverage views.

"It is always a pleasure to work with the Propellernet team and we look forward to many more smash hit campaigns in the years ahead!"

Dorry Potter, Business Operations Manager