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Move it to improve it: Which cities the world wants to live in

Remitly champion migration through their core business of enabling people to send money quickly and securely across 100+ currencies. Our challenge is to celebrate immigration and adapting to a new country and way of life that resonates on an international scale to secure coverage and links from both a broad and relevant range of sites.

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The campaign received widespread global attention securing the following results as well as almost 5 million estimated coverage views.


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map of USA showing cities

During the Covid pandemic in 2020 we unearthed a simple yet powerful insight – a 29% increase in global Google searches for the the term ‘how to move abroad’. We based a hugely successful campaign on this one insight, using search insight to discover which countries the world wants to move to most. Our intention was always to return to a winning formula by looking specifically at which cities the world wants to move to most so, by using the same simple but effective methodology we discovered that Dubai was the overwhelming relocation city of choice favoured by an incredible 60 countries around the world.

To visualise this story, we created a global map showing every country’s relocation city of choice and, for this version of the story, we took it a stage further by including additional US state-by-state maps to show which international and which US city each state dreams of moving to the most.

The impact

Highlighting which cities the world wants to move to most enabled us to secure an impressive depth and breadth of international PR coverage to raise Remitly’s brand awareness and links to improve SEO visibility. Highlights included links from Digg, Time Out, Stuff New Zealand, CN Traveller Middle East, GQ Middle East, NBC, Paris Match and Forbes India. Following the campaign we were able to see notable search visibility increases within all of Remitly’s key regions, contributing to more traffic and more new customers for this fast growing global brand.