Supercharging editorial visibility, share of voice and rankings for a household name fitness brand

Our work on PureGym's blog had been responsible for significant visibility increases over the past 5 years. But we wanted to level up. How could we laser-focus our process and take them from being a trusted fitness brand to THE trusted fitness brand?

What we did

Content Strategy

The results

Between January'23-January '24 blog visibility more than doubled


increase in the number of ranking keywords


increase in clicks to the blog


increase in impressions

Our approach

We knew that a steady stream of content topics was having a positive impact on visibility, but  in order to level up our share of voice, we needed to be finding untapped content opportunity with high relevance to our audience.

We conducted extensive keyword research around relevant fitness and gym-related topics, and then compared search volumes against current site rankings to determine which areas still hold the most opportunity for valuable rankings. This led to a clear idea of which topic areas needed our focus.

From running tips for beginners to the best yoga poses for sleep, our new quarterly content plans covered topics that people were desperate to know about. As share of search and brand awareness increased, PureGym rapidly became the market leader against its primary competitors.


"PureGym is the most dominant website in the sector. This is due to them regularly adding great content to the site as well as having a very strong domain and very strong technical...Google loves it."

Paul Cunningham, Embryo