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Flexing our Content Marketing Muscles with the UK Fitness Report

Looking at search demand in the health and fitness space, we noticed people wanted answers to simple questions like 'how many people go to the gym', 'when are gyms busy', 'what is gymtimidation' and 'what classes are most popular' etc. And so the idea of launching an annual 'UK Fitness Report' was born. A report to answer all these queries while also providing helpful advice, creating a useful resource for anyone looking for a fitness-related statistic to reference, as well as for people in need of some quick exercise tips.

What we did

Digital PR


Content creation

The results

We saw positive growth in search engine results across a host of target commercial pages


New linking domains


Pieces of coverage



Our approach

To create a report that could over time become a useful resource for both gym goers and journalists, we compiled data from trustworthy sources such as YouGov, Google and our own independent surveys. However what really helped give us the edge was using PureGym’s own internal data and expert personal trainers, as we could answer queries and provide insights on key topics that only they can realistically answer, as the brand with the most gyms across the UK.But with other sites already answering some of that search demand, we first needed our report to rank and become easily available to anyone searching for a statistic or some advice. To achieve that, we turned to something that would enable us to proactively gain high levels of coverage and links to boost the authority of the page; fitness trends. Media love talking about the emerging fitness trends for the upcoming year and what better way to round off a UK fitness annual report than delving into these trends?!Armed with this media-friendly takeaway from the report, we were able to start gaining coverage and links from top-tier publications globally and that’s where the success really started…

The impact

Very quickly, the report started to rank extremely well for terms such as ‘gym stats’ and those long-tail searches we had identified before creating the report. As a result, we started to see links naturally coming in to the report, from journalists and even brands using it as a point of reference.
Over the course of a year, the report acquired 39 links that required no outreach whatsoever, some of which were from brands such as ALDI, Vitality and UK Active, which we would otherwise have little opportunity to gain a link from. Crucially, all of this resulted in positive growth of key commercial pages that were internally linked to from the report, aiding the overall visibility of their PureGym site.
Since this initial success launched back in 2022, the report has become an annual instalment with PureGym, which continues to acquire passive links today!

"PureGym is the most dominant website in the sector. This is due to them regularly adding great content to the site as well as having a very strong domain and very strong technical...Google loves it."

Paul Cunningham, Embryo