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Evergreen Success: The Beauty Pie Trends Report

Every year around November or December, the 'glossy' magazine titles publish their trends for the year ahead. We noticed these were generally based on product launches, the latest catwalks and their expertise as beauty editors. However, there was nothing backed by data. With TikTok, Instagram and Pinterest being awash with different beauty trends almost every week, this got us thinking. We could use this data to create an official trends report. This is where the idea of the BEAUTY PIE Trends Report was born. A page that ranks the biggest trends of the year gone by, as well as looking forward to what will be hot in the world of beauty in the year ahead.

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Our approach

To create useful and informative evergreen content that journalists can continue to link back to over time and customers can read for inspiration, we compiled data from well-known and reputable sources like TikTok, Google, Instagram and Pinterest. By totalling these metrics we were able to identify the trends that have been everywhere over the past 12 months. But to give us an additional segment of data with a more ‘newsworthy’ hook, we also looked at Google search data in the lead up to the end of the year, to see which trends were on the rise and would be hot in the year to come. As we had already identified beauty trends as a popular topic among journalists, we knew we needed an additional edge to our report. So we started by segmenting the trends into hair, makeup, skincare, nails and body & wellness. Not only does this make the Trends Report a treasure trove of information for customers, but it also gives us multiple pitching opportunities when it comes to our outreach. Secondly, we peppered through commentary from the in-house BEAUTY PIE experts that explain why some trends have taken off, what may have influenced them and even how you can recreate them at home. The multiple data points, the different angles that help to broaden our pitching pool, plus the expert comments from BEAUTY PIE experts helped us to land coverage from extremely relevant and high domain authority sites for two years in a row. As a result, we are now in the position where journalists come to us asking when the Trends Report will be live – a dream PR and journalist relationship!

"Not only does the Trends Report get a great response from journalists and consumers, but it's something we look forward to internally, too. We're already looking forward to see what the third iteration of the report can do!"

Dominic Ladden-Powell, Beauty Pie