Steve is many things; an extrovert, a bookworm, the voice of Brighton and Hove Albion - and our Head of Digital PR

Steve’s career started in traditional PR. “I cut my teeth by literally cutting press clippings out of newspapers, writing press releases and pitching stories to journalists.” He made the move to digital PR and now leads the team at Propellernet, ensuring that everyone is happy and doing their best work, while delivering success for our clients.

Outside of work, you’re most likely to see Steve reading a book. “I’ve loved reading fiction since I was little. I find it hugely inspiring that people can imagine an alternative world then dedicate time to creating it from scratch.”

A huge extrovert, Steve’s biggest challenge is being comfortable in his own company for an extended period of time. “I’ve started going to restaurants and the cinema on my own when the fancy takes me. It felt incredibly uncomfortable at first but it’s now a real treat and definitely helps me to relax.”