Technical SEO Consultant, Robin loves an audience; be it sharing knowledge with clients or performing on-stage

Robin took an interesting route to becoming a technical SEO consultant! “I got into it through working as a copywriter in the early days of search. I learned how to create content that would resonate with Google and started picking up technical know-how in the process.” Robin was soon learning all he could about HTML and technical SEO.

With a ton of experience, he’s been a part of the Propellernet technical SEO team since 2013. His favourite aspect of his role is helping clients develop content strategies for their websites.

Outside of work, Robin loves performing on stage, whether it’s acting, improvised comedy or singing in a choir. In January of this year, he challenged himself to watch all the films of Nicolas Cage in chronological order. “It’s been an emotional rollercoaster and I’ve still got 17 left to go, but I should be finished sometime in June!”