Our hip-hop head Digital PR Director, Richard loves lyricism and storytelling

His passion for creativity first formed at university where he studied scriptwriting. Since then, Richard’s worked agency-side and in-house in industries that include sport, gaming and travel across both traditional and most recently, digital PR.

Richard’s path to Propellernet involved a brave move. “When I was 21, I moved to Brighton from my hometown in the Midlands. I didn’t know anyone in the city but I found a job down here and fancied living by the sea. This set me on my ten-year PR journey, my way to working at Propellernet and most importantly, to meeting my fiancé! We recently left Brighton but are planning a permanent move back down south.”

Richard (or RuPaul as he’s known within the agency) loves music, and hip-hop in particular. ”I’m obsessed with dissecting lyrics and listening to podcasts about music production. The creativity of the sampling and lyricism is massively inspiring to me.”