Gaming keeps our Paid Media Consultant, Nico switched on - and helps him stay connected to friends back home

Nico brings all of his e-commerce experience into his paid media work. After moving to the UK from Germany in 2015, Nico worked on the marketing team for a fashion retailer. Gaining most of his experience in-house helped him to acquire a fine understanding of how to successfully run ads across a variety of platforms. He loves finding new ways to help businesses grow, whether that’s through discovering new keywords, finding different audiences or working out the most effective channels to advertise on.

Nico switches off by lifting weights and staying healthy physically and mentally. “I also enjoy playing games to either compete online or stay in contact with my friends from Germany.”

Nico’s most challenging moment has also proved to be the most rewarding. “Moving from Germany at the age of 19 was the riskiest decision but best decision I’ve ever made!”