Isobelle's art and design background puts her on the creative front foot in her role as Digital PR Executive

Digital PR Executive Isobelle always knew she was born for a creative career. Having studied Art & Design in college for two years, followed by a year working in retail, she dove headfirst into the Digital PR industry as an apprentice for a small remote digital marketing agency. This led her to her current role at Propellernet as a Digital PR Executive, where she’s building her experience and knowledge across lifestyle, ecommerce and finance clients.

When she’s not writing and sending press releases, she’ll most likely be attending local gym classes (particularly the dance ones) to let her hair down and get her cardio in. She’s also a huge music fan, delving into all different genres of music, with R&B and chill providing the soundtrack to her campaign creation. Her ideal Sunday would be a morning walk with a coffee and a podcast followed by a homemade roast dinner and a rom com.