Hannah is Director of PR Operations at Propellernet with 12 years’ experience in the industry

Starting out in traditional PR in London, Hannah’s worked on a variety of home improvement, travel and lifestyle clients – from fancy dress costumes to condoms. She’s worked at Propellernet for seven years and her proudest moment was a campaign about carbon monoxide awareness for NPower, driving incredible results for a great cause.

Outside of work, Hannah is obsessed with renovation, DIY and interior design. “I love moving house so I can start a brand new project. I also love my garden and my veg patch. In fact, my happy place is a garden centre (that and the pub).”

Hannah recently gave her first-ever talk, at Brighton SEO’s fringe event, The Online PR Show. “It was about how to go beyond coverage and links to show the SEO impact and true value of digital PR work. I loved it and would love to do more public speaking in the future.”