Office manager Gisela has worked at Propellernet for over two years

She studied hotel management in her 20s before deciding it wasn’t right for her. “I moved into retail and buying for several years before settling on office management.”

But a change in career path wasn’t the only challenge Gisela has tackled head-on. “The biggest thing I’ve ever done was moving to the UK in 2006. I’m from Argentina and I’d never been outside of South America before! Unlike my mum, I wasn’t scared of the change. I was young and impulsive. Now it’s 16 years later and I’m still here in the UK.”

Outside of work, Gisela makes time for her passions. “Fashion is my first love. My favourites are French brands like Maje, Bash Paris and Sezane amongst others. I also really enjoy drawing, because I find it really mindful. That and playing computer strategy games!”