Daniel loves the problem-solving side of technical SEO

Having spent more than five years at Propellernet and well over a decade in the industry, Daniel’s narrowed down what he loves most about his job. “I really enjoy the super-technical bits and the super-strategic bits!”

Daniel’s other love is a happy client, and he’s proud of the strong relationships he’s built with his clients over the years. Key to his success is problem-solving. “SEO is rarely one size fits all and best practice doesn’t always work, so finding the right solution that drives the biggest impact is always incredibly satisfying.”

Outside of work, Daniel loves running and being out on the downs. He’s also an avid climber, hooked by its perfect mix of physical exertion and yet more problem solving! Daniel’s proudest achievement outside of work, is that one of his friends’ three-year-olds thinks he’s so cool that he asks his mum to brush his hair like Daniel’s every day.