Connor (also known as CJ!) is dedicated to providing our clients with engaging and audience-focused copy that cuts the mustard

After completing a Masters in English Literature, CJ quickly realised he’d written himself into a career corner. Confident that words were the way forward, he spent several years as an SEO and creative copywriter before joining Propellernet part-time in 2024.

“Creative writing and audience-focused content has always been my passion. Whether it’s a strapline, landing page or a wedding invitation, I’m always looking for what triggers that ‘Yeah, alright, I’m in’ reaction.”

Outside of work, CJ spends his time boxing, running, writing comedy, and creating D&D campaigns.

“I think all of the above keeps my brain in a constant state of controlled chaos – which is important in the world of copy and content creation.”

CJ also loves exploring Nordic history. “One day, I’d love to sail across the Fjords of Norway with nothing but a book, grim determination and probably Google Maps, as I’ll inevitably get lost and have to call mountain rescue (would they pick me up from a Fjord? Guess I’ll find out!)”