Sophie Coley

June 13, 2018

Love Island

As Audience Strategy Director, I spend a lot of time with my head buried deep in audience data, trying to get a better understanding of the behaviours, motivations and attitudes of the groups of people that matter to our clients. And with those clients operating in a number of different industries, the topics I investigate vary drastically; from bikes to energy via recipes, and a whole lot more in between.


But starting with the topics that fit with our clients’ businesses is just one method for my work. Starting with popular culture and seeing what gems I can find is another, and it just so happens that with Love Island 2018 in full flow, I’ve found a way to bring something I’m already a fan of into my work-world.


The great thing about shows like Love Island is that they stir up so much conversation online and that those of us who engage with it form strong opinions, which we have no shame in shouting about, loudly, via Twitter or Instagram! Both my marketer-self and my non-work-self love this; it gives me a chance to observe consumer behaviour and find interesting trends and patterns, about something I’m interested in already.


I should also say that I saw Will Worsdell, former Controller of Marketing & Media at ITV, speak at YMS18 about how and why Love Island was so successful last year. It was an absolute masterclass in reactive marketing and I learned a lot. If you’ve got 17 minutes spare, it’s worth a watch (particularly if you love the show):



With all of the above buzzing about my brain, I found myself lost in one of our key tools, Brandwatch, recently; digging around the online conversations Love Island has sparked thus far. Such was the intrigue from certain colleagues of mine, I’ve pledged to do an update each week based on what’s going on with this series. So here we are; Love Island 2018, so far, according to Twitter:


  • As of now (12pm on Wednesday 13th June) there have been 378,000 Instagram posts and Tweets about the series, with mentions peaking on launch night when there were more than 93,000 posts.


  • Last night’s episode (where Rosie confronted Adam about trying it on with Megan behind her back and Eyal upset Dr Alex by kissing Megan in front of him) was the second most talked-about online with more than 47,000 posts, followed by the 8th June episode (when Adam controversially chose to couple up with Rosie over Kendall) which inspired more than 38,000 posts



  • The boys are proving to be the biggest talking point this year, with Eyal popping up in 15% of posts that mention an islander, swiftly followed by Adam (14%), Alex (13%) and then the most talked-about girl; Hayley (11%)



  • The most used Emoji to-date is the crying/laughing face which has been used almost 30,000 times in Love Island posts. Next up is the ‘loudly crying face’ (you know, the one with full-on, streaming tears) which has been used more than 7,000 times and then the rolling-eye face, which has been used more than 6,000 times
  • Onto the all-important island snakes, there are three episodes and two islanders driving lots of use of the snake emoji so far (which has been used more than 3,500 times to-date):



  • Adam choosing Rosie over Kendall and sending her packing from the island on 8th June drove 19% of those, matched by the Wes/Hayley drama on 11th June which drove another 19% of snake emoji use
  • But last night (12th June) a combination of Adam trying it on with Megan behind Rosie’s back and Eyal kissing Megan right in front of Alex drove 39% of all snake posts since the series started!






  • According to snake emoji use, Adam is the snakiest contestant in the series so far with 27% of all snake emojis being about him

  • Eyal is fast catching him up though, with a further 25% of snake emojis being posted about him
  • In fact, for the last two nights (during which time he’s had a row with Hayley and upset Alex by pursuing Megan) Eyal was by-far the snakiest islander with 37% of snake emojis directed at him and 23% directed at Adam

  • On a lighter note, the Great British public feels more positive about some of the other islanders:
  • Alex is the islander with the biggest share of posts using any kind of heart emoji (either the hearts themselves or the heart-eye face) at 14%, followed by Jack (13%) and then Dani (12%)

  • Perhaps unsurprisingly, Hayley has inspired use of the face palm emoji more than any other islander (if you need context here, she’s the one making headlines for coming out with gems like Brexit meaning that ‘we won’t have any more trees’, as well as ‘what’s an earlobe?’ and criticising Eyal for being too deep because he asks her things like what her favourite animal is)

  • Finally, we’re all feeling Dr Alex’s struggle (again, context = his lack of confidence has seen him struggle to get past friendship with any of the girls in the villa currently); there have been more posts using the broken-heart emoji about him than any other islander

Come back next Wednesday for a fresh update!

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