Driving 25% more membership sign-ups for an already market-leading brand

“We started working with Propellernet in May 2019 for SEO and digital PR before expanding into content. We’ve been really happy with the quality of both strategy and execution, as well as strength of results.”

Honor Baldry, Head of Digital Marketing at PureGym

When we started working with PureGym, they were already a market-leading brand with excellent visibility. Despite this, we were still able to drive incredible results as a result of our unique, detailed and thorough insight and research process, which fed into all other aspects of our work.

The Challenge

  • To improve rankings, drive relevant non-member traffic and new member sign-ups to a brand that was already leading the market

The Approach

  • We launched a strategy honing in on ‘non-gym goers’ to appeal to potential new customers
  • Extensive keyword research and online behavioural analysis using Search Listening helped us to understand the purchase journey and define audience segments
  • Our focussed content and PR campaigns targeted these segments and drove visibility
  • We completed a plan of site-wide technical optimisations to maximise visibility for keywords that were influential for non-brand gym sign-ups



increase in membership sign-ups


increase in 1st place SERP positions


overall visibility increase