Celebrity Cruises

Delivering evergreen content and over 200 pieces of coverage

Propellernet worked at a furious pace with tight timelines to get the brilliant Music Mapped live as soon as possible. It’s absolutely exceeded my expectations in terms of what it looks like and what it can do - we’re all delighted both with how it’s turned out and with the results, which are amazing.

Natalie Howard – E-Commerce & SEO Manager, Celebrity Cruises

The Challenge

  • To increase search visibility and bookings when holidaymakers search by destination.

Propellernet’s Approach

  • Propellernet conducted an ambitious data visualisation link building campaign, Music Mapped.
  • This destination-based, interactive asset lives onsite and is based on the lyrical analysis of over 200,000 songs – it’s the largest collection of song and geographic data publicly available.
  • The data gave us a huge variety of PR angles to pitch to media sites around the world and the ability to generate a huge number of links (over 200 pieces of coverage) via one content and PR campaign.




new page one destination rankings


increase in revenue


increase in bookings