Everyone’s talking about it. But we understand that content often creates complexity for brands. Allow us to make things simple.

To help make things simpler we think about content as having two purposes. Both help your brand to be found: content that makes you relevant by ensuring you provide the best possible response to a customer need and content that is recommendable, so people want to share it.

We know that the right content in the right place is a real accelerator in helping a brand be found.

How to start creating the right content:

We always start by examining how well your content currently performs online. We’ll then map this insight to the content opportunity in order to diagnose where you should focus your efforts to get the best possible return. Do you need to be more relevant, more recommendable, or maybe a mixture of the two? Whichever option you need, we’ll always follow the same process, with a series of questions:

Strategy: What strategic plan or marketing background are we following that content needs to support?

Content strategy: What is the content opportunity and competitor landscape, and how well are we currently meeting it?

Content planning:What content do we need, in what format, where, and for what purpose?

Content production: What do we need to do to get the content made?

Content execution: Who is going to publish and promote the content and foster engagement?


Content is nothing if you can’t measure its effect.

Once you’re clear on the purpose of your content, measuring it becomes much simpler. We can help design a measurement framework that accurately reflects the goals we’ve defined for your content, making it much simpler to measure and report on its success.

The question over whether content is creative, or creative is content, is a simple one to answer. Both, because we’re aiming to be both top of search engine rankings and top of mind for potential customers we craft the two forms of content to do their respective jobs, but be connected:

Content for recommendation

The creation of our content for recommendation is concentrated in our PR and Creative teams. It needs to grab the attention of popular culture and become highly shared and interacted with. For that we need creative and PR thinking that cuts through.

Content for relevance

An analysis of the business and customer opportunity helps us create the kind of content that search engines see as relevant. And if it’s connected by the same brand point of view that informed the content for relevance we have a powerful double-barrelled approach that cuts through as most relevant.

Content is integral to everything we do and plays a role in every one of our services. As well as being the fuel for recommendation and relevance it can add the creative edge to a paid media campaign, taking it from ordinary to extraordinary.

So, whether you’re working with us on Search, PR, Content or Paid Media activity, or across multiple disciplines, we’ll creatively help make sure you have content that gives you the best chance to be found.